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Thank you for considering donating to the Hamilton Cheerleading Program! Our season could not happen without gracious donors like you!

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Platinum Club

Send an athlete to the USA National Championships in Anaheim, CA

900 Club

Cover the cost of all our music and licensing for all three of our teams.

800 Club

Cover all tumbling classes for one athlete for an entire year.

700 Club

Cover travel costs for an athlete for the entire year.

600 Club

Provide an athlete with all of their practice & event attire for the entire year.

500 Club

Send one athlete to our invitation-only UCA Masters Camp.

400 Club

Buy an athlete both of her uniforms for her entire cheer career.

300 Club

Cover all competition fees for one athlete for an entire year.

200 Club

Buy an athlete her warmup set for her entire cheer career.

100 Club

Provide an athlete with her custom competition shoes for the season.

75 Club

Cover an athlete's breakfast meals during cheer camp.

50 Club

Provide an athlete with her gift at our Holiday party.

25 Club

Cover an athlete's end of the year banquet fees.

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